February 11 is Asian American Women Equal Pay Day

The Asian American Women Equal Pay Day Commemoration Project is brought to you by Lean In Women of Color and Lean In Wonder Women. This program highlights the issues impacting Asian American women and their families and projects the voices of thought leaders through the podcast, Conversations for Equal Pay. The podcast promotes leadership advice from women of color who reached the top of their industries to inspire other women who believe in the importance of closing the pay gap. We hope to send the message that women of color are making significant strides in various industries, yet their visibility, voices, and experiences are crucial to global change.

About Us


On average, Asian American women are paid 90 cents for every dollar that white, non-Hispanic men are paid. While Asian women seem to be the highest-paid group out of women, they face a unique barrier, such as the “Model Minority” myth. A “model minority” is defined as a minority group that is perceived to achieve more socioeconomic success than the general population. This success is measured by the perception of income, education, and high family stability of that minority group. This means, because of stereotypes, the Asian American women community is often overlooked due to their ability to have access to certain opportunities. Also, they face a common set of biases every day, which can obstruct their ability to advance to significant forms of leadership.


Pay Gap by Group

On average, women are paid just 80 cents to a white male’s dollar. For Asian American women it's 90 cents, for black women it's 62 cents, for native women, it's 57 cents and Latinas, 54 cents.

Percentage in missing earnings

Asian Women 10%
Black women 38%
Native Women 43%
Latinas 47%

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